An extra credit paper for honors biology, in which we watched the movie Lorenzo's Oil
It's a really inspiring and sad movie! Here's a link:

20 to 21 February 2012
Lorenzo’s Oil Analysis
The film Lorenzo’s Oil focuses on the hardships faced by the Odones as they try to find treatment for their son Lorenzo’s rare inherited disorder, adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). ALD is an X-chromosome-linked trait, as the film states. Lorenzo’s mother, Michaela, was a carrier of the recessive disease, and Lorenzo inherited the X chromosome with the recessive allele. He obviously inherited a Y chromosome from his father, Augusto, and not an X chromosome with the dominant allele, which would have diminished the effects of the recessive allele. To impede the progress of the disease, Augusto and Michaela formulated Lorenzo’s Oil, a solution of four parts oleic acid and one part erucic acid in triglyceride form. These triglycerides competitively inhibit the enzyme that synthesizes long chain fatty acids, which are related to myelin deterioration in ALD patients.

In addition to discussing the effects of a debilitating disease, the movie presents Michaela and Augusto’s view of their child’s condition and their perseverance in finding a cure. Michaela and Augusto’s love for Lorenzo contrasts strongly with the indifference of scientists and others who are not experiencing the same ordeals. The movie demonstrates the strong bond between parent and child and that one may succeed with determination and hope. Though doctors expected Lorenzo to die after a few years of his diagnosis at about age 5, Lorenzo is shown at age 14 at the end of the movie and survived to his 30th year. It is often difficult for people to differentiate between statistics and living, human victims. For me, Lorenzo’s Oil succeeded in gaining my compassion for sufferers of rare diseases and for their loving, determined families.